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These are the 5 C's that we build everything on.


These are the 5 C's that we build everything on.

1. Community, community, community. I can't stress this enough. We are designed for the community. We can't even come into this world without it. We're built to thrive in it.

2. Coaching. Be it with us or otherwise, if you intend to achieve your goals--and do it in a reasonable time, like 12 months instead of 12 years (which often means never), get a coach.

Fitness has become so commoditized that everyone thinks they can do it; every influencer thinks they're personal training's gift to humanity.

But in reality, it's an incredibly high level on par with practicing medicine, which is why we train our coaches in-house and only hire Doctorate Physical Therapists externally.

3. Courage. Yes, you'll have to have a 'Lil bit 'o courage to book a spot and enroll. We'll do everything in our power to motivate and inspire, but that's all we can do from the outside. You have to step inside to start training.

4. Commitment. Once you take that step, then it's about continuing to take those steps and not running or backpedaling. You have to give it everything you got every day. We'll do the same.

5. Consistency. Honestly, people make a bigger deal about this than it is. All it is is the by-product of the previous four steps. And the first two aren't even something you have to do.

Whether you're a kid, teen, or adult 30, 40, 50, or 60, these are the EXACT things you need.

And on the other end, here's what's possible:

A. .Handstands on demand from all angles and rock solid core for lifelong health

B. Moving with power and advanced skill

C. Overcoming obstacles, mental, yes, but physically, like vaulting, tumbling, and more

D. Flying sky high in the aerial silks, hoops, straps


E. Becoming a Strength Ninja

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