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Think about your clients paying you.

It starts with YOU, coming to the call WITH that expectation, conveying to your client how the call will go, and executing it just as you said.


Think about your clients paying you.

Them paying you? It's normal.

It's a common, typical thing they do. Clients pay you.

Don't be weird on a consult.

They came to buy.

They want you to sell them. They want to know how to work with you.

They are going to ask you how to do just that.

If they haven't asked, it is because you danced around it. You thought your consultation was a free coaching session.

Not a specific call with the sole purpose of deciding to buy.

Clients tell you their problems.

You tell them how you can help.

They ask how to get started.

Don't dance around it.

Coach yourself ahead of time.

Please don't be weird when it comes to money.

This is Consultations 101.

Happy Sunday.

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