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This time of year, being around family can bring up A LOT (oh, the triggers!)

Hello Warrior, how are you?

This time of year, being around family can bring up A LOT (oh, the triggers!). And I want you to know you’re not alone!

I’m hearing a lot of people say:

They hate their own body when squeezing into a holiday dress

They’re bringing more (because they’re stressed) and beating themselves up afterward

They judge their appearance when seeing pictures of themselves on social

They’re overindulging at parties and vowing to start a new diet after the holidays

They’re comparing themselves to others and feeling guilty about their weight

But the thing is, all the YUCK is an opportunity.

It’s a chance to WITNESS what’s coming up and understand that weight loss isn’t about finding the *perfect* meal plan (and somehow finding the willpower to stick to it).

It’s about managing EMOTIONS and triggers. And understanding that most of us turn to food as a source of comfort, and a coping mechanism, when we’re stressed.

Learn how to manage the stress and watch the weight loss FINALLY fall into place. Permanently. Because you’re no longer turning to food to make the bad feelings disappear.

This is how we roll at Warrior Bootcamp for Permanent Weight Loss - we target the root of the problem. And we get you LASTING results.

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