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Three weeks and 13 pounds down!

Three weeks and 13 pounds down!

I also hit a milestone today of 30+ pounds down from 1 year ago!

Back in March, I was near to this point, only .4 pounds off, when we had a couple of family members unexpectedly pass, and I spiraled and regained about 12 back. I was ready to stop sabotaging myself and take back control at the start of this month.

So very happy I did. Here is me holding a 30 POUND bag of dog food! That sucker is HEAVY, and I used to carry that around.

NSV for the week: I only wear yoga pants since they are stretchy, but I notice they are starting to be loose around the legs rather than form-fitting. And I am seeing my adult acne clearing up some without further using the medicated creams the dermatologist prescribed me.

Thank you, Kirk, for introducing me to the program and being here by my side along the way!

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