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Throughout my career, I've been fortunate to have been able to find mentors


My Friend, throughout my career, I've been fortunate to have been able to find mentors and encourage them to share their secrets with me.

And one of the ways I've been able to do that is to create a bit of momentum myself and only reach out to them once it's clear that I'm going to be successful, and it's only a matter of IF they want to participate in my journey.

I never wanted to reach out to someone as a novice seeking beginner advice but rather be looked at as someone who's going 150 MPH on a racetrack, and with their help, I may be able to go 160 MPH.

And this has helped get me into great rooms with fantastic people!

So today, in my Monday Warrior Minutes episode, I wanted to talk about some of those Conversations with My Mentors and My Biggest Takeaways.

Here are a few

Focusing On Cashflow, Not Net Worth

Most people build their businesses based on when expenses are due and when cash flow is needed. Very few people focus on their net worth.

And that's good if you have the confidence to pay off expenses and grow your business—more on this in today's segment.

Unquestionable Work Ethic

Outworking everyone is not the x-factor in terms of hours worked. Still, if it is a question of whether or not you are willing to do the hard work, you're going to have a big problem attracting and gaining mentors and critical players and huge trouble getting things done.

Focus On Debt

I think that inexperienced investors sometimes make the mistake of only focusing on the return profile, the market, or the property-specific dynamics, but the reality is 99% of all the horror stories have to do with the debt component, and very few inexperienced investors focus on that

Supper Awesome Offer

It's much easier if you have a product that is favorable and works. Focusing on high-level marketing and email automation is good, but it's marketing, not magic.

If you're marketing a service or product that could be better, you're marketing, and automation results will shortly follow. But, if you have an already "super awesome offer" that people are chomping at the bit for, then it makes all the other stuff that much more accessible, and marketing is just added fuel to the fire.

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