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Today I'll break down the rest of it

Hey Warrior,

We discussed the first two steps of my 4-step process to charge $600 up-front for my six-week martial arts program.

So now you know the perfect copywriting formula and how to write great ads. And you know how to position yourself to make a great first impression.

Today I'll break down the rest of it

Step 3 - The perfect pre-sell

We have a form prospects fill out before the sales process even begins.

This form forces them to admit their pains and problems.

It asks them questions such as

"What's the biggest problem?"

"How long has your child been dealing with discipline issues?"

"What bad habits do you have?"

"Warrior, How long have you been dealing with this problem?"

"Have you been able to fix this problem on your own?"

"Warrior, What have you done to try to fix this problem on your own"?

It makes them think about their pain points and write them down

You can also ask questions about logistics and timing, such as

"What's a junior's schedule for school or sports"?

"Warrior, Are you willing to invest X amount of time or money into fixing this problem?:

So we keep hitting all the pain points and potential objections they might have

So now we can review those pain points and objections with them at the actual sales meeting.

That way, you can get to the bottom of their problems and how to solve them before you even start the sales process.

Step 4 - the perfect sale

This is our P-R-O-F-I-T sales process…

PROBLEM - identify the problem.

Everyone does martial arts for a different reason. Some people are overweight and want to shed some pounds. Some people might come in because their kid has no confidence, behavior problems in school, low grades, etc.

RENAME the problem.

Now they explain the problem, now you explain the situation and label it.

Oh, so you came in to lose weight. Or you came in to improve your kid's leadership skills, right?

Overview of the problem - review the situation one more time and get to the bottom of the problem.

Is your weight affecting any other areas of your life?

"Oh, so you can't run around with the kids anymore… So it's affecting your relationship with your kids? You don't have the energy to play with them? Aaaa, I understand".

FIX the problem - give them the way to fix it and what results they will get by selecting it.

"Do you think if you came in for three classes per week and burn some calories, eat this stuff, and have a mentor that's making sure you hit your goals, do you think that would help you reach your goal of losing 20 pounds"?

Hint: You are not selling martial arts. You are selling the results.

IDENTIFY & address concerns - overcome their objections.

"We are going to give you three classes per week. We will teach you what to eat and how to eat it.

We will assign you a mentor and accountability coach to follow up with you every week and ensure you're doing that.

Sound fair"?

"We can get you those results if you follow this plan."

PRO TIP: During this part of the sales process, you should avoid discussing all the boring stuff and focus on the fun stuff. So think of it as a party.

Everyone wants to hear about the fun activities at the party.

They don't want to think about all the tedious steps to get to the party, such as getting ready, putting gas in the car, catching an Uber, waiting on friends, driving to the party, etc.; that's all the bad stuff. Focus on the actual party and how fun it will be.

Example: "aaaahhh, so you want to be a sexy mom on the patio during the pool party, right"? "Aaahhh, so you want the most well-behaved kid in town, right"?

"I don't know about the time commitment; what's the schedule"? Oh, you told me your schedule was XYZ, we already talked about that, and you have these times free, suitable? "Oh yeah."

Address their concerns and move on…

Thrill them! - this is where you stack the value of the FIX and the results and over-deliver.

Now they signed up, and you delivered.

"I'm super excited you signed up for our program. Junior is going to get some of the best discipline and leadership training you've ever seen. You made a great decision".

Pro tip: Always under-promise and over-deliver.


Now you know how to write the perfect copy for your ads to attract a specific type of student by solving a particular problem.

Now you know how to position yourself as an authority and an expert and make a great first impression.

The perfect pre-sell process to build value so they are prepared to solve a problem.

And the perfect sales process that allows you to charge top dollar for your training program.

Ok, that's enough for the day.

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