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UPDATE: a brand new level for you

UPDATE: a brand new level for you

We've got a whole new level for you to rise to.

And isn't that what life is about? Always moving forward--and upward!?!

Stagnation leads nowhere, and I don't think anybody wants that.

So here are a few paths you can take to rise to the next level for yourself.

#1. Begin each day by getting CLARITY...what's your mission, vision, and values for the day? Where do you want to be this time next year? And where would you like to be by the end of just today? Well, What will make you happy and allow you to feel satisfied?

#2. Do something PHYSICAL. Don't just read, don't just watch. Train for lifelong health, strength, skill, and flexibility.

PRO-TIP: Do your training in that exact order too: health (mind/preparation/warmup), strength (handstand/v-stand/muscle-up), skill-based movement, flexibility training (1-3 min. holds).

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Gym (local kids, teens, adults) AND Online (Adults ONLY!) (worldwide)

#3. Do something INTELLECTUAL. Move beyond just your "job" and just your "working out."

Draw, write, make something, paint.

My friend, You are in good hands with us here at Total Workout Pro


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