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Warrior - here's the Secret Sauce!

Warrior - here's the Secret Sauce!

The "family recipe" for bodyweight strength & skill.

Serving size: 1

1. Preheat gym or home space to 72 degrees F, and with love and positivity

2. .5-1 gallon of water (purified)

3. Adapted macros and calorie count based on body weight

4. 1 round of entire body joint prep

5. 5 rounds of couplet strength, ex. handstand pushups (no wall if possible) & rope climbs

6. 15-30 minutes of skill development (such as hand balancing)

7. 1 min. holds of stretches

8. Serve and enjoy!

This takes about 16 weeks of prep time, so you might want to get started before the holidays roll around.

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