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Warrior, picture the scene.

Warrior, picture the scene.

You're struggling for direction in business or your career. Guru-of-the-day is talking BIG on FB.

As always, you're human, and you're skeptical. But deep down, we're all big believers in hope and that there *are* always solutions to our problems.


1) You book a call.

2) You get a million follow-up emails and texts from Guru's team.

3) You jump on the call, knowing it's a sales call, hoping for value.

4) You meet the sales guy strategist.

5) Call starts warm, then goes very, very cold.

6) There's pressure. But you need help.

7) Nobody else seems to provide the solutions that Guru does.

8) Strategist lets you know that.

9) You want to think about it.

10) Strategist lets you know you can't.

11) Strategist lets you know you need to join today to receive specific help.

12) Backed in a corner, you join.

13) But listen, if there's ROI, there's ROI... right?

14) Then you get crickets for a few days.

15) The online portal gives you buyer's remorse as the content needs to be updated.

16) Finally, a concierge reaches out to you to schedule an onboarding call.

17) Next day, your coach can't make it and reschedules.

18) You're ten days in already.

19) You realize you have 50 days left in said program.

20) And nothing has happened.

21) You'd like to back out. So you email in.

22) Crickets. Days pass by.

23) You're told you're past the refund date.

I could go on here, lol. But that's how some programs are structured thoughtfully.

Warrior And I believe that's only going to get worse as time goes on, the market grows, and more "Gurus-of-the-day" come out of the woodwork.

My mission is to steer you away from that.

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