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We all know that sleep is critical to your success in fitness and life.


My friend, We all know that sleep is critical to your success in fitness and life, but many people struggle to either get enough sleep or to make sure that the sleep they get is QUALITY sleep.

Here are a few sleep hygiene tips to help you consistently get a better night's rest.

1. Sunlight when you wake up

We need to set a robust circadian rhythm that starts in the morning. Try to get 2-5 minutes of direct low-angle sunlight within a half hour of waking in the morning. My friend, This will have a massive impact on your coming night's rest.

2. Sunlight before bed

Just like the first tip, we want to control our circadian rhythm as much as possible. Capping the night off by watching the sunset can help prepare you physiologically for sleep.

3. Avoid screen times at night

Avoid screen time or direct overhead lights between 10 pm and waking as much as possible. Try to dim these lights a few hours before going to bed for the best sleep possible.

4. Make the room you sleep in calm and as dark as possible

Try some blackout shades to make the room as dark as possible. It makes a HUGE difference.

Give these sleep hygiene tips a try, and let us know how they go after a week or so!

Stay Active,

Coach Kirk

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