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We are live on Instagram stories!

Hi Warrior,

We are live on Instagram stories!

Join us for our Ask A Coach Instagram Takeover!

Our Ask, A Coach coaches have been trained and are Masters of the Warrior Process.

My Friend, We're giving you a glimpse of what's available to every Warrior student.

Today, our amazing coaches are answering the questions you submitted about the Warrior Process on consults.

One of our Instagram followers submitted this question to our Ask A Coach team:

Question: What do I focus on? What am I asking? Do I help, or do I sell?

Answer: "You help them by selling to them.

When you're in the warrior tribe, you'll learn the consulting process, so you can accurately gauge where your unique client is and where they want to be, and paint the vision of what their potential future life will be like when they no longer have that problem dominating their life, how to bridge the gap (prescribe your solution to their problem), and identify their objections and overcome them (assuming they're false objections).

Once you begin mastering those skills, your confidence in the consult will dramatically improve.

It bothers me when you don't give sample coaching on a consult. For many reasons. Here are a few:

Sometimes coaching is confrontational or emotional and hard to process; this can plummet the energy of a sales call and land the client in a place where they feel incapable of buying. They might also feel argumentative or triggered. So they definitely won't be buying.

The energy required to work on a problem is not the same as planning to solve the problem. Intending to solve the problem feels relieving, exciting, uplifting, and proactive. That is the energy people buy into.

Solving the problem takes the client into dissonance, confusion, doubt, procrastination, all of the uncomfortable emotions that we have to confront to get what we want, but are safer to feel and work through once we are in a coaching relationship/container that we have committed to being in.

You can't solve their problem in one hour. You can, however, open a can of worms that stresses clients out versus excites them. And you can also make them THINK it's solved when they only understand the solution intellectually, not experientially. So they will think they can try it on their own - not knowing how to go from intellectually understanding the key to implementing it until they get the result. You want to be clear on the difference and stay out of intellectually solving the problem on a consult.

In Warrior Tribe, we teach you exactly how to dance that line in a real conversation and keep your clients buying energy, not problem-solving energy."

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