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We get questions all the time through email and social media.

Hi Warrior,

We get questions all the time through email and social media.

Questions about specific injuries, progressions, training volume, etc.

One important question you have to ask yourself is:

"Is bodyweight strength really for me?"

For most, sadly, the answer is "no."


Because it's hard, and often, the vast majority of people don't like complicated things.

Let me explain

1. Adding another plate to the bar


Learning a new technical progression that requires maximal engagement physically and mentally

2. Doing a class or video course that provides a "burn" or "sweat" but stays at remedial/beginner levels


Digging into new ranges of motions that transform connective tissue

3. Repetitive exercises inside one's comfort zone--though uniquely combined (sometimes unsafely)--in WODs, workouts, or classes.


I am learning new movements, sequences, and skills outside my comfort zone.

OR the big one...

Weight loss VS. training for lifelong health and sustainability

All-in-all, this stuff is easy (when you apply physics and biomechanics).

And it's BETTER for you (when you have safe progressions, coaching, and community).

Just imagine all of the components of a basic jump from a box with a shoulder roll to a clean cartwheel step out.

That's 2-3 times bodyweight impact from the jump, highly technical cross-body roll from palms to toes, and total body flexibility and coordination for the cartwheel.

And that's not just to be fancy.

Knowing how to move like that saved me from what could've been a terrible bicycle accident.

Not saying other fitness types are wrong. And I commend people for doing something active. I've used and will prescribe all of those things as well.

The BIG difference is Goal-oriented *TRAINING*. That's the keyword: "training."

And that is not only multi-disciplinary but also multi-dimensional.

Still further

Powerbatics training synthesizes disciplines in a way that really can't be duplicated.

I'm sure you know what the six elements are by now.

Ninja Strength (that's your overall strength and mobility).

Freerun (rolls, vaults, etc.)

Handstand (all angles and positions)

Cirque (the fun aerial arts)

Power (combining all)

Obstacles (all types)

And Foundation (where it starts)

But the above list is a SYNTHESIS of essential disciplines of which mastery is also necessary to create the a chef in a 4 Star kitchen.

Martial Arts





Amongst others

And all the Strength, Movement, Flexibility, and skill required of each.

Without any of the trash.

It's a lifetime of work.

That's why it's hard.

BUT...we take what's difficult and make it, well, not easy...but at least simple.

So that ANYBODY can start and not waste crucial time with trial and error.

But not everybody will.

In a few days, our culture will go through a fire-sale of epic proportions, throwing every product of consumerism in your face, perpetuating that 80/20 rule. 80% of people will keep metaphorically adding a digit to a specific fast food chain's 1 billion served marquee. And only 20% will choose differently.

The path is narrow, and we understand that.

But that's why we offer a special to try to cut through some of that noise and help people move forward positively and enroll BEFORE Black Friday.

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