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We have a haunted house in our neighborhood. (It looks haunted anyways.)


We have a haunted house in our neighborhood. (It looks haunted anyways.)

An old, dilapidated house with a caving roof. The kind of giant black birds live in, and apparently, a cow skeleton is in the shed out back.

In front of the house are acres of land that the developers have been trying to sell for years with no luck. The land they will never sell as long as that house stands. No one wants a condemned house as their view.

This house reminds me of an unmanaged mind.

It represents

Lack of belief in yourself to achieve your goals.

Discontent in your own life.

Lack of transformation in your life (and, therefore, understanding the power of coaching).

Insufficiency (in self-worth and value, self-confidence, where you are right now in this very moment, and the belief that you will get where you are going).

Money fears and grassiness.

Negativity and victim mentality.

Lack of commitment to entrepreneurship. I decided to be ALL IN.

You can sell coaching as hard as you want for YEARS… but as long as you have an unmanaged mind lurking… no one's buying.

Your mind can be like a coveted cul-de-sac or corner lot with a view of the land in front of the condemned house.

It can even be just plain land. Nothing fancy. You're good if there isn't a caving roof and rotting cow corpse to look at.

My Friend, But it does mean you have to get to work.

Don't spend time making the land look better. (Stop honing the niche and working on your client messaging, do NOT get caught up in ads, websites, and podcasts.)

My Friend, Make sure the first thing you do is CLEAR THE DAMN HOUSE.

It doesn't matter how much work, how inconvenient, or how long it takes. It must be done.

It would help if you always started with your brain FIRST.

Whether you want to make your first $2k or you're first $2 million. (Yes, if you are making hundreds of thousands of dollars, often your haunted house looks like too much hustle, putting out fires, and not enough processes, systems, or solid business strategy.)

My students and colleagues who knew me years ago often ask me HOW I made such a dramatic change that resulted in 6 million dollars of revenue in 18 months alone.

The answer? I cleaned up my mind. With a clear sense, I cleaned up my business. And my clean business was beautiful to a lot of people.

And that clean mind has a lot of time to focus on helping other people, to teach and coach at the highest level of my career (so far).

Manage your mind.

Work on the thing that gives no gratification now but compounds over time.

Sell coaching faster.

Happy Monday.


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