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We just finished The Warrior Leadership Summit

We just finished The Warrior Leadership Summit.

It was amazing. The best Leadership Summit we've done yet. For two days, everyone there had a breakthrough after breakthrough and had new actionable plans they could take to improve every area of their life.

It was the best because the leadership team we have risen to a whole new level.

I never felt more supported because everyone there came to add value, whether it was learning how to add value to the market, their marriage, or the other people there.

I had over 300 slides prepared, and I didn't even use half of them because I was so in flow I didn't need them.

In my morning meditation, I had a conversation with God.

I said, "Thank you, God. Thank you for bringing me men who will sharpen my edge. Give me people who will push me and make me better. Don't give me weak people who need to be saved; give me men who want me to push them to become stronger so they can save themselves."

And I heard God say

"Thank you for getting out of the way. Thank YOU for letting ME speak through you. Thank YOU for allowing me to enter into those people's souls."

God constantly reminds me gently that he is always in control, and there's nothing I can't accomplish with Him on my side.

Most of the time, we want to do things our way. Letting go, surrendering, and letting God work through you is difficult. It usually only happens when you have a spiritual experience.

People have this idea that you must go out into the mountains or to a desert to have a spiritual experience, but you can have it anywhere if you're in the right mindset.

And these men were ready for an experience.

My intention for you is to be ready for an experience anywhere. Bring that feeling of surrender with you.

When things go wrong, know that God has a plan.

When things take too long, know that God is more patient than you.

When things go right, know that God is blowing a tailwind to push you in the right direction.

You have to learn to be guided by the whispers.

To quiet yourself to hear them.

To resist the urge to shout back.

When you feel God's presence at your back, you're guided toward the future you were meant to have.

Once again, thank you for attending the Warrior Leadership Summit.

The best is YET TO COME!

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