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We’re officially halfway through 2022

We’re officially halfway through 2022.

Warrior, Have you achieved the goals you set at the beginning of the year?

If you haven’t, no big deal.

Unless you have a time machine, there’s nothing you can do to change that now.

But what you can do, is reflect on what stopped you

For most guys, the main obstacle is timing

Getting and staying focused on your fitness goals can take time and effort (Warrior, especially if you try to figure it out all on your own).

And if you have a lot going on, work stuff, family stuff, other general life stuff it just makes for lousy timing to focus on dropping fat, gaining muscle, and getting into fantastic shape.

When life is crazy, waiting until things settle down a bit makes sense, so you have the time and space to give your 100% effort.

But here’s the truth about that.

There will always be periods in your life when things are crazy.

Sure, things permanently settle down eventually.

Warrior, But then things are going to get crazy and busy again.

It’s an inevitable cycle.

But getting in shape, and staying in fantastic condition, is all about long-term consistency.

So unless you want to get in shape temporarily, to fall back out of body again.

Warrior, It would help if you learned how to prioritize your fitness during crazy times.

And for this reason, sometimes the best time to start is when things ARE crazy.

Warrior, Because if you wait for the perfect time to get in shape (if that time ever comes), and it’s easy because things are slow, once things start getting crazy again, you’re not going to know how to navigate it, and it will likely become an excuse to “slow down and chill out” on your fitness goals.

Because you adopted this mindset that the best time to work on your fitness is when nothing else is happening.

I see the consequence of this false belief DAILY.

“I was in great shape, but then 2020 happened, work got crazy, my wife got pregnant, my dog died, my basement flooded, and now I’m back out of shape again.”

“Things have settled down again, so now I’m going to get back into it.”

And guess what? They might get back into shape, only to fall back out of the body as soon as things get tough again.

Warrior, If you want to get in shape for good, you must ditch this bullshit mindset.

It would help if you stopped letting external circumstances dictate your priorities and direction.

The reality is that you need to be committed.

And committing only when it’s convenient is not commitment.

Warrior, So the fact of the matter is this.

If you’re not happy with where you’re right now, fitness-wise.

The best time to get started, regardless of the external circumstances, is NOW.

You can either stay stuck in the trap of waiting for the perfect time that never comes.

Or waiting for the perfect time that comes, then goes.

Or you can commit.

The choice is yours.

If you’re ready to break the cycles, commit now, once and for all.

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