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What it takes to get a 6-pack lean.

What it takes to get a 6-pack lean.

Do you know the root cause of failure when achieving an impressive-looking physique?

Unrealistic expectations.

Most people don’t fully understand what it takes in some way or another.

And when I say “what it takes,” I don’t mean what you probably think I mean.

See, most people think getting a 6-pack lean takes massive amounts of:

Will power, determination, the willingness to “grind,” and daily sacrifice like avoiding food you enjoy, spending hours at the gym, etc.

But here’s what it takes:

  • The willingness to become the person who has already achieved the impressively muscular 6-pack lean physique you want.

It would help if you were willing to change your values, habits, behaviors, and lifestyle to create an environment where the existence of the incredibly muscular, 6-pack, lean version of yourself exists.

That could look like this:

  • Learn more about nutrition, training, and recovery.

  • Learning how to habitually schedule your training, grocery shopping, and food prep.

  • Hanging out with different people.

  • Watching less TV.

  • Reading more.

  • Getting to bed earlier.

  • Going out to party less.

  • Ect.

So the fundamental difference is this.

It’s not short-term external changes you need to make happen.

It’s long-term, lasting, internal changes.

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