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What’s harder? Building muscle or losing fat?

What’s harder? Building muscle or losing fat?

Is there a right or wrong answer to this?

I surveyed my Facebook friends on this the other day and got responses like: “It depends on the person.” “Fat loss is harder mentally.”

“Depends how much fat you have to lose.”

“Losing fat is harder for me.” - “Gaining muscle is harder for me.”

Now, there is a correct answer.

And the correct answer is that building muscle is more complex in literally every way.

Physically, building muscle takes more hard work, time, and patience.

Some people say, “building muscle is easy for me, losing fat is harder for me,” because they actually enjoy the process of building muscle, and they’ve already done it.

You might say, “well, that makes it easier for them.”

But here’s the thing.

Losing fat still takes less hard work, less time, and less patience.

(I’m not saying it’s easy; it’s just more accessible).

So you might feel like building muscle is more accessible than losing fat.

But the process isn’t any different for you than for anyone else.

You just learned to enjoy doing something hard; then you get results which makes it even more enjoyable.

You made it more accessible.

And if you apply the same process and mentality to the operation of losing fat, you’re going to find that losing fat is even easier than building muscle.

Because physically, it is easier. That’s a fact.

So the only reason one would feel fat loss is more complex than building muscle is that there’s some mental block in the way of learning to enjoy the process of losing fat.

It’s a false perception.

And you can change your perception.

Some might argue this with: “but, some people build muscle faster genetically, and some people lose fat easier genetically and vice versa.”

That’s true, but even in extreme cases, fat loss is more manageable.

It’s easier to destroy something (shrink and kill fat cells) than to build new lean muscle tissue.

So at the end of the day, it all comes down to this.

Physically, building muscle is more complicated than losing fat.

If you find losing fat harder, it’s an issue of perception.

And the good news about that is your perception can be changed.

If you keep feeding the false perception that fat loss is more complex, then that’s the reason it will stay harder for you.

This is fixed vs. growth mindset 101.

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