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When there is a recession, there is an opportunity.

When there is a recession, there is an opportunity.

My friend, If you can find it.

I get asked all the time, where are the opportunities? Where can I invest?

Here are three places to invest in:

1- Leadership in yourself.

My friends, Invest in yourself to become a better leader. Unless you invest in yourself, whatever you put out there will not give you as good a return.

2- Invest in your people.

Invest in your team. Make sure they have the skills necessary to lead themselves during a recession. My friends, A chain is only as strong as the link that is weakest; you are only as good as the individuals around you.

3- Association.

Be around people who are thinking bigger. Surround yourself with people who take ownership of their lives rather than become victims of their circumstances. This recession will affect everyone, but it will affect everyone differently. You will also see opportunities when you are around people who see opportunities instead of excuses.

Those are the investments to make right now.

We are going through a storm, but men with the EDGE know that proximity is power.

At the end of the day, whoever you associate with is who you become.

If you're the only one leading, it will drain you of your energy.

There is a better time to shrink. There is a better time to think you can do it independently. You need to invest in yourself and invest in the people around you because this is the moment that will MAKE YOU or BREAK YOU.

Double down on yourself by investing in yourself.

Be around people who will sharpen your EDGE.

I can't wait to see you at the Warrior Leadership Summit; that's going to be the difference between being taken by storm and taking a shower.

You will leave that event CLEAR about everything you need to do to take full advantage of the upheaval.

You will be part of a strong COMMUNITY of leaders who will support you during the storm.

And most importantly, you will have the CERTAINTY that life is giving you everything you need to overcome the recession.

Whatever you invest your time, energy, and money in will give you a return.

But how much return you get depends on what you invest in.

If you want to compound your investment, you must invest in yourself.

You will get a return whenever you invest time, money, and energy into leadership.

When you invest in yourself, your value always goes up!

Need us to help you find your edge.

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