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When you lack it within yourself, your brain will always try to control the world and other people


When you lack it within yourself, your brain will always try to control the world and other people to get it.

People's words will hurt. Their opinions will feel threatening to your survival.

When mom thinks life coaching is a waste of your college education.

When your best friends think you've "joined a cult."

When your partner says, "But that's not realistic."

Warrior, When a stranger on the internet tells you, "Here's another unqualified mental health expert.

When your client on a consultation says "NO..."

When you haven't accepted yourself, and that you are, in fact, a LIFE COACH, or taken with pride in the industry you are in and the work you do with people…

You will need these other people to change what they say, how they respond, and their reaction to you to feel better, safer and to have more belief in yourself.

You will wait for support to get started.

You will need to hear YES to keep going.

You will try to control how people perceive you and the coaching industry in every conversation.

Convincing everyone to agree (especially in your marketing).

And all that energy could be going towards things that make you money.

I am meeting people who are interested in life coaching and want help.

Telling them who you are and how you can help them (without convincing them).

And she is making a compelling offer for them to get started now.

You will miss all the calm and sufficiency you experience when you decide that your approval is enough.

You will miss the certainty that fuels massive action when you believe for mom, your partner, your friends, and the world.

You WILL miss a beat by reacting to the haters.

So before you ask others to change, you change first instead.

Accept yourself. You are a life coach.

A qualified professional. A business coach. A health coach.

You are a coach. You are an entrepreneur. And you do sell stuff.

And you're going to make money.

And help many people along the way.

No one needs to make this safe for you.

You've got this under control.

You are driving the car. The tank is full.

Let's go.

Happy Tuesday

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