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Would you like to get back on track with your 2022 goals?

Would you like to get back on track with your 2022 goals? I ask because statistics say that the average person gives up on their New Years' Goal by January 19th and that by the 2nd week of February, over 80% of us have quit. Can I ask you an honest question? I don't mean to sound mean, but here it is: What's the point of even setting a goal for the year if you're going to quit three weeks in every time? Now, I'm not saying you don't set goals. We all struggle. I've worked with this myself. Yes ME. KIrk investor and entrepreneur has this SAME issue from time to time.

So what do we do? I didn't think I could DO anything about it for a long time. I thought that's just how life worked and that if I wanted to set a goal, I just needed to be harder on myself and more disciplined. Except, I was already hard on myself and very disciplined, so when I got even more complex, it made the process not fun, and I wanted to quit even more. I went on like this for years until I learned a simple method of setting and achieving goals that gave me a paradigm shift. I'd been doing it all wrong! - I was told to set my goal - Write it down (already more than most people do) - Find a coach or accountability partner - Be ultra disciplined, But the problem here is that I was missing a few key points required for a goal to be achieved. And I want to share what those are because, statistically speaking, you're making the same mistakes I was.

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