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You are servant leaders first.

You are servant leaders first. You live to change lives. You live to help. You are leaders in your industries and your communities.

I will give you a step-by-step, actionable plan for creating the business you want to lead that lets you work with clients to improve their health WHILE making an honest living.

Your Perfect Program. Create a program that your perfect future buyers can't resist and that you love so much you can't help but sell it. PLUS, get the keys to putting your marketing on rinse-and-repeat, so you are okay with filling your program every month.

The Perfect Price. Get clear on your exact price, so you can quickly fill your program with paying clients. Pricing is the biggest stumbling block for most fitness business owners.

Audience and Marketing. Learn the exact client-creating steps to take when starting your business, re-invigorating your business, or looking for sustained growth WITHOUT learning a single Tik-Tok dance.

Sleaze-free Sales. No more posting on community bulletin boards, poaching from other groups or feeling like a pest. No 'shirtless trainer' or 'needy network marketer' antics allowed.

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