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You aren’t going to find a single client on your self-discovery journey.


You aren’t going to find a single client on your self-discovery journey.


Don’t look inward and investigate deep-seated beliefs. Don’t work on your self-love. Don’t try and raise your self-worth to raise your prices.

So many coaches make this mistake. It’s becoming a form of self-sabotage in our industry.

This is what happens.

You start making some money and decide to make a significant change in your business, but suddenly, you find yourself in the hole of “self-improvement” to “fully integrate” these changes. You are shocked and confused, 60 days later, to find your income at ZERO.

Self-coaching will not produce clients. Offers do.

Or you never even start making money because you have all the “inner work” to do first.

So you take a few years worth of self-improvement courses, believing they are just the investment it takes to get yourself ready to be a coach and that one day there will be a six-figure business at the end of that rainbow.

You are avoiding feeling shitty and doing something hard that you have never done before.

All that aligning is sometimes fancy for “I’m afraid. I can’t do it.”

Do you know what grows your “inner-self” more than ever?

I was making an offer. To someone. Today.

Coincidentally, that is the only way you’ll make money today.

I used to be on the get-worthy-to-get-money train. But then I found a faster route.

Make some damn offers.


My Friend, love yourself no matter what, even if anyone takes you up on it.

Repeat every single day.

Offers create clients.

Inner journeys create endless confusion.

You are worthy. Done. Solved.

Now get to work, Coach.

Happy Monday.


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