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You talk about too many things

A.) You talk about too many things

The content that makes the most money focuses on one thing. We call these "buckets."

Successful creators are stubborn. They need to add more and diffuse their focus. It may feel restrictive. But the familiarity (and cash) makes up for it.

I only talked about one thing: more clients and less content. Stay tuned to see how it goes.​

B.) You haven't been doing it for long enough

We all start somewhere. But expect significant results after some time. Simply put, you must recognize content creation for a decade and wish to make money after your first post. Doesn't work like that.

Build a list. Email them weekly. Create 20-30 repurposed content pieces from that email. Commit to doing this for 12 months. Expect no results (even though you'll get some).

I promise it will be so much easier. And you'll have a more extensive email list + socials when you're done.​

C.) You haven't shown credibility

Post proof of work or proof-of-skill twice a week. Screenshots, testimonials, etc. It may feel like you're bragging. It might even feel unnatural at first. That's fine.

You're not bragging. You're aiming to assure your audience you can solve their problems. And this "proof of" content sets you up for long-term cash.


Focus on those three.


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