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Your current reality is a reflection of your standards.

Warrior, Your current reality is a reflection of your standards.

My friend, If you want more impact, purpose, or passion, you can’t just like it; you have to raise your standards so your reality can match what you want out of life.

Every day, you must be honest and ask yourself how high your standards are.

The analogy I use is two men who go to the gym weekly.

One man works out and puts in the reps but doesn’t get any stronger.

The second man goes all out every set. He pushes himself every time to do more than he did last time. And as a result, he gets better results than the first man.

These two men spend the same time in the gym, but one gets results, and the other doesn’t.

What’s the difference?

It’s not enough to do the minimum.

To achieve greatness, you must give life everything you have daily.

You have to challenge yourself.

If you aren’t pushing yourself to the limits, you aren’t going to get better.

Your job as a leader is to raise your standards by 1% daily.

If you’re doing enough, someone else going all out will take your spot.

If you do just enough to look good, you’ll never make the impact of someone who gives it everything he has.

You must ask yourself if you’re doing just enough or moving forward every day.

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