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Your metabolic rate is virtually unaffected by age

Warriors, One of the most common things I hear when guys list reasons they struggle to get into shape, is


Some of the standard lines I hear are:

"I've been trying to lose weight, but it's not as easy as when I was in my 20's!"

My friends, "My metabolism ain't what it used to be!"

"Back when I was 18, I could eat a whole pizza and not gain any weight; now, I look at pizza and gain 10 pounds!"

But is age a valid excuse?

My friend, Well, let me show you a few things.

The first reason guys think age holds them back is that one of the everyday things we hear is that our metabolisms slow down as we age.

But here's the truth:

Your metabolic rate is virtually unaffected by age.

Instead, decreases in metabolic rate caused by 90% by lack of physical activity and losses in muscle mass.

In fact, after age 60, when your metabolism does start slowing down, the decline will only get as high as 20% at the most, which is not significant enough to make it much more challenging to lose fat. You just have to eat a little less.

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